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Arijit Banerjee
Arijit Banerjee • Nov 7, 2016

Can I switch to Enterprise application development from Android app development?

I've been an Android developer at a startup for over 2 years now. I have worked on several projects that have given me a deep understanding of Android OS and OOP concepts and have made me a better developer. I'm very comfortable with Java in the sense that I can figure out almost anything in Java with a little help of tutorials . However, as of now I'm only an Android developer with a little knowledge in JavaScript and I want to go beyond that. My company doesn't have any large project in Java as most of its back-ends are developed using Node.js and Python, which I'm not interested in as of now. I saw many big companies hiring hard-core Java developers for their Enterprise applications and saw their particular requirements in advanced Java technologies like Spring, Hibernate, JSP etc.

That got me wondering if there was any way for me to get into these companies as Java Enterprise Application developer without starting from the scratch. I read a few answers online that seemed to suggest that most recruiters would be hesitant to hire someone with little or no experience over someone who already had "relevant" experience.

I can learn Spring, Hibernate and all the required technologies online and maybe even get certified by Oracle as a Java Professional, but will that guarantee that my Android experience will not be a waste or that my interview will go as good as someone who's already worked on those technologies?

Would contributing to small Java open source projects count as relevant experience? I'm really confused as I badly want to work in Enterprise application development, but I also don't wanna be treated as a fresher.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 8, 2016
I'd recommend getting certified in the technologies of your choice. That'd show the potential recruiters that you're genuinely interested in the technology and have the required knowhow. You can gain the experience by contributing to open source projects; and always make a case that your company does not provide Java projects.

Go for the certifications and keep applying. That's the only way forward.

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