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zaveri • Aug 15, 2012

Can EDCs be trusted ?

First i will explain what an EDC is. it stands for Entrepreneurship Development Cell. i don't know whether it is present in other engineering colleges, but it sure is there in my college, and works parallel to the placement cell.

this cell aims to make entrepreneurs out of students still in college. all that the students need to do is come up with an innovative idea, and then this cell takes care of the rest, (just as its name seems to say so).

But then i have my doubts. don't you think that such cells might leak out your ideas to the companies which are ready to finance its activities, and then make it big themselves upon plagiarised ideas.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 15, 2012
Never worry about ideas getting leaked. The fact of life is that everyone has great ideas but only a few have the courage to 'execute' them. YouTube was a simple idea that anyone could have - it's so simple! Just share your videos online. But the credit goes to YouTube's founders who executed the idea with excellence that it got so popular.

So the point is: Ideas are ok. But it's the 'execution' that matters. Big companies have their own issues to manage. Else we'd have Infosys and TCS producing world class products and services on daily basis.

EDCs aren't magic room where you 'walk in with your idea' and 'walk out as a successful entrepreneur'. EDC is what it is - a place where ideas are nurtured. A good incubator or EDC would help entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with the initial capital, customers, mentorship, infrastructure and support newbie entrepreneurs need.

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