Can Android Be Considered As Another Linux Distribution ?

Android uses Linux Kernel like all other desktop Operating systems do (even though it is more of forked one).
//I don't wanna write much otherwise there won't be fun in debating on this topic//

So, unleash your inside geek & tell us : Whether you think Android as another Linux distribution or something else ?
(Well from Android Wikipedia you can say, yeah it is another Linux distro - but there are many factors which points out that ....... whatever! find it on your own & tell us about your opinion)
Please share the technical reason behind your answer.

Debate on, CEans !


  • Pensu
    I guess it depends on the definition of Linux distro. What do you think about Ubuntu? Is it a linux distribution? If yes, then Android is too, just a little more forked! The point is either everything that uses Linux kernel is a linux distro or nothing is. You can't draw a line here. No matter how much forking one does, the base is the Linux kernel and you can't escape that.
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    @#-Link-Snipped-# : Few points to note.
    - Unlike Linux distros, Android apps runs on VM & not Kernel.
    - Basic Linux programs doesn't run on Android & vice-versa until some specific tweaks are done (eg : chroot) Obviously because Android's C libs are not compatible to GNU C Libs.
  • Pensu
    Agreed. And that's what I said first you need to define what exactly a Linux distro is? If you consider that if you can work with kernel through the OS, then, of-course, Android can be exempted.

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