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09 May 2009

Calculating The Power Of A Signal

Hi all,

I have a problem here, I'm new to the field of Control engineering, I'm a student, and I need to calculate the power of a signal in a certain problem, which is:

The goal of the project is to Design a Controller for an optic scanner head.
At first is given that the scanner head is tracing after a harmonic Triangle-wave signal with T=1[sec] which is given as:

r(t) = 2*|2t-1| ; 0<t<1.

The Plant Function is given as P(s) = 1/s^2

I need to calculate the Power of the signal for which the Scanner head will trance after r(t) accurately in steady state.

I appreciate all of your help and I really hope you'll help me.

Thanks alot.


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10 May 2009
Please guys, I just need a direction, how to begin with this, Is this the right forum for this? There is a Hint that I can't make use of it, maybe u can help me what to do, The Hint is :

That I should use a certain frequency response theorem, and ignore the fact that P(s) is unstable.

I thank you for the help.

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