Calcaulating the correct PWM values

Hi there

I need to know if I wrote the correct code for making a PWM signal of 50Hz and a duty cycle of rise time 1.7ms and down time of 18.3ms.

I am using a PIC18f4431 with a 40Mhz crystal

Here is my code:


void main(void)
PTCON0=0b00000100;//Choose a presacalar value of 1:4
PTCON1=0b10000000;//Set the PTEN bit to enable the PWM Time Base
PTPERH=0b00001100;//Set the PWM period to 20ms
int Duty = 800;
int count=0;
PDC0H=0b00000000;//Set the duty cycle to a specific value.
TRISB = 0x00;
//PORTB = 0x00;


Thanks very much


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