C1 Café In New Zealand Will Deliver Mini Hamburgers At 140 Kmph

The worst thing about dining at a restaurant is the waiting time. You have to wait for the waiter to take your orders and then you have to wait for him/her to come back with your food. The C1 Café at Christchurch, New Zealand had already found the solution for the first part of the problem by sending order dockets to the kitchen via pneumatic tubes but the café owner Sam Crofskey decided why stop there? So he sought the assistance of Lamson, an Auckland based engineering company to help him build an enlarged version of his existing system that would be big enough to accommodate food. A few days ago he tested the system by cramming in mini hamburgers (sliders) and fries in a stainless steel tube and firing them to the designated table through a pneumatic tube at 140kmph/87mph.

C1 Cafe

Customers however do not have to worry about these tiny canisters hitting their table at high speeds because they shall be slowed down by using custom air brakes and air-pressure pockets before they reach the table. Sam came up with the idea to build these tubes from the TV show Futurama. He says that he is going to test the system further and refine it before launching it for the public by the end of January next year. On VoiCE we had previously seen food being delivered by Food Is Now Delivered At Your Table With The Help of Drones and conveyer belts and now the top speed C1 Cafe shows us a future where waiters will become obsolete. But all that is to come in the future, for now head over to the source link below to catch a glimpse of this super fast delivery system.

Source: #-Link-Snipped-# via At long last, small hamburgers will be delivered in a pneumatic tube - The Verge


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