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buckling of long column

Wish to discuss the civil engineering topic "buckling of long column". Long column buckles-why?
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Sep 18, 2008
Buckling is nothing but sudden failure of a column due to high compressive stress. Use this Euler's formula to calculate the buckling load


PS: 2 actually means square in above formula. The legends are-
= maximum or critical force (vertical load on column),
= modulus of elasticity,
I =
area moment of inertia,
l = unsupported length of column,
= column effective length factor, whose value depends on the conditions of end support of the column, as follows.

For both ends pinned (hinged, free to rotate), K = 1.0.
For both ends fixed, K = 0.50.
For one end fixed and the other end pinned, K = 1.0/√2.0.
For one end fixed and the other end free to move laterally, K = 2.0.

Hope this helps.
madhavan_b • Oct 3, 2008
pradeep kumar c
long column buckles-why?
  • Basic Buckling will occur when the member is in compression.
  • Buckling will occur when ratio is 80 is more than column sizes ( B& D) compared to Length. ( As per Euler's Rule).
  • Due to Temparature of structure is more than which was designed.
This may be useful to you.
v_h_memar • Apr 19, 2011
hi there
this formula and relations is for central load (axial load) . I want to have a formula for torsional load. do you have any formula for critical load for torsional load ?
chhatraliya • Apr 26, 2011
when the slenderness ratio( ratio of length of column to radius of gyration of column) is greater than 80, then the column will buckle under direct compressive stress, though the compressive strength of column is still higher. this load is the buckling load for column, which is always lower than the load required to fail column by crushing..

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