Manashree Thokal
Manashree Thokal
Branch Unspecified
12 Jul 2012

BPO Solutions in .Net

In the changing scenarios of economic and financial functionalities of the organizations, the corporate are willing to enhance their views and woes in a rapid manner. This competition leads to the automatisation of the organization. The idea is to build a automated system application.


The general description gives an "executive overview" and is very client-oriented. It expounds on the functional and data requirements of the application. It also lists the limitations, assumptions and dependencies of the application.

It also touches on the performance and quality requirements of the application and provides a solid definition of the interface.

The computerization of this system would avoid the wrong interpretation and bad calculation of data .The system help the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button.

The record data is maintained and backed up such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increased.

  • ASP.Net
  • VB.Net
  • SQL Server

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