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    Book review - The ABC murders by Agatha Christie


    A few days back I read the book "The ABC murders" by Agatha Christie. This is a short review of it.

    In the beginning of the book, the popular detective Hercule Poirot gets a letter from a certain ABC,
    asking him to look out for Andover on the 21st of the month. Everyone around him believes the letter
    is a hoax. But Poirot believes it's more than just a hoax. And sure enough, on the 21st, Mrs.Ascher
    was found murdered in Andover.

    The thriller starts from here.. Poitot would get similar letters form ABC announcing the place of the next
    incident.. And exactly at that date, someone whose name begins with the next letter would be killed.

    A is for Mrs.Ascer in Andover, B is for Betty in Bexhill, C is for Sir Carmichael in Churston.. With each
    murder, the killer is getting more confident - but leaving a trail of deliberate clues to taunt the proud
    Hercule Poirot. Will he make a mistake? Will the shrewd Poirot manage to catch the homicidal maniac
    in time? Read the book to find out!!

    It's one very interesting book. It's gripping and well written, with a very unexpected twist at the end,
    which of course is characteristic of most Agatha Christie books. At the time of its publication in 1936,
    Times wrote a review in which was stated "If Mrs. Christie ever deserts fiction for crime,
    she will be very dangerous: no one but Poirot will be able to catch her".

    I recommend this book to all Agatha Christie fans, and fans of crime fiction in general. Enjoy!! 😀
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