BOINC App Uses Your Android Power For Science Projects

If you've ever wanted to be a part of a kick ass science project but lacked the intelligence & required credentials, worry no more. BOINC aka Berkeley Open Infrastructure For Network Computing) app will let you participate in the research project without you doing any physical or brainy work. According to a press release, every android smartphone user will have a chance to participate in important scientific research project by donating phone's idle computing power to some serious number crunching. This could lead to breakthroughs in medical sciences to discovery of new stars. Well, you won't get nominated for any prize but you surely can tell your grandkids about how you made a dent in the Universe.


The BOINC app has been specially designed by the Berkeley research team. The BOINC project supports over 50 volunteer computing projects around the world including Einstein@Home and FightAIDS@Home. The App will tap into your phone's processing power that is not being used and perform some calculation and data analysis; eliminating the need of a dedicated supercomputer.

The App's available in the Google Play Store (link below). Your phone must have Android 2.3+ for the app to work. BOINC creator David Anderson says that with over a billion Android devices, the overall computing power exceeds that of the largest conventional supercomputer.

If you volunteer to install the BOINC App, do let us know. It's never too late to start contributing to science and changing the world. We know you can do it!

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