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Boeing Develops Airplane Bathroom That Cleans Itself In 3 Seconds With UV Light

One of the scariest things about using an airplane lavatory is the fear of germs left behind by other users. On long-haul flights this fear is compounded as many people frequently use the bathroom and they aren’t cleaned mid-flight. To address these issues airplane maker Boeing has come up with a new prototype bathroom that cleans itself of 99.99 percent of germs by using ultraviolet light. This ultraviolet light is called far UV and it is different from ultraviolet A or ultraviolet B light used in tanning beds or glow lights. This means it will eliminate the bacteria and the pathogens but not affect humans in any adverse manner. Just to be extra sure the UV lights come on when the door is closed and the lavatory is unoccupied.

Boeing Lavatory (2)

So how does this process work? Once someone has used the lavatory and closed the door the UV lights switch on to eliminate any germs. The toilet seat also opens and closes to ensure that all surfaces are covered during the cleaning process. The entire process does not take long; it is over in just three seconds. The prototype lavatory goes a step further to eliminate any contamination with germs in the first place by using hands-free faucets, a soap dispenser, trash flap, the toilet lid and seat, as well as a hand dryer to reduce the waste of paper towels. All of these systems are operated by waving your hands or using foot pedals. On airplane you are often concerned about the water coming out of the taps but on Boeing’s new lavatory even the water gets purified with the help of UV light. Since the product is in the prototype stage, its makers are also trying to include a hands-free door latch and a vacuum-vent system for the floor to clean up any spillage and dirt.

Boeing Lavatory (1)

While the team at Boeing are not stating any launch dates for the project but they have put up their creation at the Crystal Cabin Awards and it has been shortlisted as a finalist. If it lands up in the top three it will be awarded at an event on April 5 in Hamburg, Germany.

Source: Boeing via Engadget

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