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@Anoop Mathew • 28 Dec, 2012
"Bikes/Scooters need to be driven less than 40km/hr before first service, or else it may lead to an earlier engine complaint."

- I heard this from a friend, but can't figure out why the engine would get quick complaints! For all I know, it does take time for the fuels to synchronise within a new vehicle, but does it mean we've to ride at low speeds? 👀

P.S.: I 'm a new driver, so please correct me if i'm wrong. How is it in case of Cars and other Automobiles? 😒
@lal • 28 Dec, 2012 • 3 likes Well, its not actually the speed. Its the RPM that you have to care about. If the bike has a built in tachometer this is easy to visualise.

This is the reason I got from different sources when I was 'breaking in' my new bike a year ago about controlling the engine RPM. 'Break in' is the term used in the sense that a new engine is slowly made ride-able the way it can. A newly made engine bore and piston are not purely smooth. It will have slightly rough surface and as we keep using it, metallic powder will be formed due to the friction of piston and the surroundings. And slowly the piston and the bore will smoothen too. Now this metallic grains formed due to friction will get in to the oil that the whole engine is immersed in. If the engine is revved hard (open the throttle a lot), the piston will move very fast and the metallic grains in the oil can cause damage to the smooth metallic surfaces, piston ring and other engine parts. That is why the speed (in fact engine RPM) has to be kept low. By the time of first service the engine oil will be containing a fair amount of metallic grains and the oil filter, they say, will be kind of clogged. That is the reason for oil and oil filter change during the first service.

If the bike is ridden at 40kmph in 1st gear, the engine rpm will be too high. While in the 4th or 5th gear, it'll be low for same speed. That is the reason why rpm should be cared more than speed. For me, my manufacturer recommended to keep the engine RPM below 5000.
@kartikey sharma • 28 Oct, 2018

Can I run my ns200 at 90+ after first servicing on 600 km

@Kaustubh Katdare • 28 Oct, 2018

@kartikey - You 'can', but you shouldn't. Wait for another 400 Km before crossing 90kmph. 

That said, this is for the bikes that were older generation. I've no clue how NS will handle it; but better be patient. 

@Ramani Aswath • 28 Oct, 2018

Swamy Chinmayananda wrote a short book: “Make haste slowly”.

He was talking about spiritual practice. Since we are considering eternity, quick fixes don’t work.

Applies to transportation also.

Stick to @Kaustubh ‘s suggestion.


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