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Biggest Scam in the world so far [money lost & overall impact on public life]

All over India,poeple have been talking about Satyam debacle,but I was wondering which scam has more greater impact,the Harshad Mehta Scam,the Telgi scam or the fodder scam, i think the biggest scam has been the boffors scam.....what you guys think!!!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

Biggest in terms of what? Money involved or overall impact?
raj87verma88 • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

Shouldn't we globalize a bit and talk about "The Biggest Scams" instead of"Biggest scams in India". Anyone else reading the title may get a false impression that this is a forum for Indian Engineers only.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

Good point, Patty.
Differential • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

hmmm....I think both !
silverscorpion • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

I'll certainly include watergate in the list then..
gohm • Jan 28, 2009
Re: Biggest Scam in India

yeah, I've never heard of any of those Indian scams, please elaborate!
Re: Biggest Scam in India

Cool,make it global,but still the boffors i think is the biggest in both money and overall impact and i bet in comes in top 5 scams of the world
well according to me....rather than discussing about the scams in the past it would be better to discuss about how we can contribute to stop such scams
niraj.kumar • Mar 26, 2009
Have you heard of enron compy ... I think that is the biggest scandal till now
gohm • Mar 28, 2009
Ok, I'll feed the discussion-

One could also get philosophical and deep in saying the world itself is the biggest scam...

If you think it is maya(an illusion/distraction) and temporary. It impacts everyone's life completely(people fight and die over objects-land space, resources, money) and all struggle to earn and loose money for material gain, which really gets you what?
well as far as i know the recent telgi scam,is the biggest one in india!!!
lrowdie1 • May 3, 2009
Beware of Sreeni Consultants in India:

Sreeni Consultants have failed to deliver anything that even remotely resembles a partially complete or professional software application as per my detailed specification.

They have continually promised to deliver yet have delivered nothing. Absolutely nothing has been delivered by them. They have been set very clear targets and expectations clearly explained; so many times in fact, it is now boring.

Their performance as a business, is entirely unsatisfactory - and yet, Sreeni leadership continue to ask for more money.

Sreeni Consultants have oversold their capability and have lied about their ability, they have delivered nothing and continue to slip the timing month after month. This is not anyone’s idea of a business relationship. Sreeni Consultant outsourced this project to another incompetent 3rd party who subsequently faltered and then, incredibly, to make things worse, they outsourced it again to another company who, remarkably, are even more incompetent!

If you or your business is planning to do business with Sreeni Consultants, then think again, this must be one of the worst companies that I have had the opportunity of interacting with in terms of both leadership and quality of staff.
sujaniangunner • May 3, 2009
well i think boffors scam is big one,in the sense that it has got a direct impact on our deffence system.main thing is that the main accused has still not been sentenced...
g_rakesh2 • May 5, 2009
Bofforce was the biggetst scam.
And I think Telgi is also the biggest scam as around Rs.35000 crore...
chara scam by Lalu Yadav

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