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joseph siomn
joseph siomn • Oct 24, 2012

Best book for learning basic HTML

just a little help, the nice book for the new learner of html..or website for the new learner..
i ll be happy for you cooperation,,.
simplycoder • Oct 24, 2012
W3Schools has been favorite for beginners anytime, however I suggest you to google up more on basics and post something specific which you donot understand, eg, you might not understand tables, then post the code and ask where exactly things are getting unclear for you.
rahul69 • Oct 24, 2012
For studying HTML I will recommend :Head First HTML.
A nice online resource for start is:
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 24, 2012
I'd recommend the 'Head First HTML' if you are a beginner in HTML and want a book that does not bore after you read first 10 pages. I've always been impressed by the teaching style of these books. They're surely amazing and helpful. Do grab one from your local book store.
joseph siomn
joseph siomn • Oct 24, 2012
Beginner • Nov 16, 2012
Web Programming, Chris Bates
Also try this for basic HTML and XML concepts..
Chinu1 • Dec 3, 2012
HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS

by Elizabeth Castro is a good book for HTML. You should try it.
safiajen0055 • Dec 12, 2012
Best Book for HTML Language is :

" HTML & Web Publishing Secrets "
Christner • Dec 15, 2012
I think w3schools is the best to learning html. Here you will get all tag, attributes and opportunity to show how it is work.

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