beginner for automobiles

hello crazy engineers!
I want to know complete functioning of an auto. engine(including videos).
please suggest me some good source.
(consider me as a begginer in automotive field)


  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Hopefully this helps, Akshay 😀

    Car Engine Information | HowStuffWorks

    Howstuffworks is pretty useful to grasp basic things quickly.
    thankyou sir
    i will try with this
  • geococeo
    automobiles are a culmination of many engineering disciplines, the earliest models were almost fully mechanical beasts with hand crank starters and very simple magneto coil spark systems(unless rudolph diesels engine was employed in which all is mechanical) and mechanical fuel pump & injection. Modern automobiles use a plethora of electrical and mechanical devices including pneumatic systems, and highly advanced computer controls. Today there are so many systems that are involved with everything from comfort control to traction control, for a good overview you should find as much info as you can about old vehicles, including buying some very old books on's used books. try to find books that were copyrighted before 1920. that should be a good start.
    Generally the heart of an automobile is an internal combustion engine.
    -look up
    "inside an internal combustion engine"
    on and you will find amazing videos that some awesome people captured of the inside of a motor while it was running!!
    -for every topic on automobiles there is a fruitful google search so get into it! and if you have specific questions about automobile topics please feel free to send me a message or email, i am a mechanic and enthusiast!!
    good luck
  • suri
    hello could you also suggest some good sources for self cooling diesel engines?
  • geococeo
    im not sure what you mean by self cooling
    but i have heard stories of air cooled diesels but thats not exactly self cooling
    the closest i can imagine is a diesel engine run on the six stroke principle which i believe only exists in theory
    all six strokes to date are gasoline motors
    correct me if i am wrong anyone??
  • gohm
    I'll have to search, I was pretty sure there are 6 stroke diesel...

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