• In a major attempt to make use of available technology and to connect to the citizens, (BTP) have launched mobile apps which will provide updates regarding the traffic and also assist people in reporting complaints and keeping track of traffic fines. At a committee meeting, the BTP launched 3 apps - BTP Traffic Info, BTP Public Eye and Let's Drive Along. These apps have been developed by local techies and is launched only for Android users.

    On the BTP Traffic Info app, people can receive live traffic updates and alerts which will be posted by the traffic police. People can also report traffic problems from the app to help keep the police alert. People can check for traffic fines for any vehicle number. The app also provide one-tap call to BTP traffic management center, access to #-Link-Snipped-# and also place a widget on the home screen to receive updates without even opening the app.


    The BTP Public Eye is another interesting app. If you find someone violating traffic rules, you can simply click a picture with your smartphone camera and immediately lodge a complaint to the BTP. The app will help the user by providing information about the different types of violations under which complaints can be registered.


    The Let's Drive Along app is an app which will simplify carpooling for Bangloareans. People moving in the same direction can form groups or 'pool buddies' and help save energy and money. The app uses a cost sharing model in which no money will be exchanged. The Sarathi (the one taking the car) will earn points and the same points will be debited from the Companion's (the one taking the ride) account. At the end of the trip, they each can provide a feedback and a balance report will be generated.

    This is not the first attempt by the BTP to improvise using technology, in the month of December Happy Auto Android App Reviews AutoRickshaw Drivers - Launched By Bangalore City Police. Here people can register auto rickshaw complaints and even track their status. What do you think of these apps? Will it encourage other traffic police departments to follow the same? Share with us in the comment section.

    Source: Apps will help you interface with traffic cops | Bengaluru News - Times of India | #-Link-Snipped-# | #-Link-Snipped-#
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorMar 5, 2014

    Great app. I just checked some of the reviews for all the apps on Play Store and found that people have loved the initiative. How good is the interface and the overall usability? Can someone here from Bangalore test and review?
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