Bajaj Pulsar 180cc - Feedback

Is Pulsar 180cc a sports bike,cruiser or what?
And How is the bike compared to Pulsar 150cc?
Is it good bike in terms of fuel economy?
Can anyone in sales profession buy it?
Also,I see more 150 cc's in road than 180 cc's..why is that?😒


  • gohm
    Ok, here are some answers for you. The Bajaj 180 is a naked/standard style bike with a bit of "streetfighter" flair (that look is popular right now). It will have a little more power than a 150 and run at slightly less revs compairably. All small displacement motored bikes/scooters have great fuel economy! I cannot answer for you the licensing requirements for your area. 180cc is an odd size so that is why you'd see more 150cc bikes around. If you live somewhere that has staggered licensing than that can also be why (180cc may require additional grade).

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