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Project Abstract / Summary : 1)Autonomous mode-

The project consists of a Firebird V Atmega 2560 Robot.

There are two fields on either side of a white line(fig.1.1). The robot will trace the white line with the help of white line sensors mounted on the Fire Bird V. Suppose the robot has to plant the seeds after every 10cm, it will have to stop after every 10cm. This can be done by turning off the dc motors. Once the robot stops the mechanism attached to the robot will be used for planting the seeds. This mechanism consist of a funnel containing the respective seeds which will be clamped to a hinge attached to a servo motor. The servo will make the hinge and the funnel attached to it to rotate by a desired angle. There is a plate below the funnel with a indentation in the corner. The funnel should be rotated such that it comed directly above the holein the disc to drop the seeds for a desired period of time. Note that there is no space between the funnel and the disc below so the seeds would not slip out. Also the disc is smooth to avoid friction between funnel and disc.

2) Manual mode –

There are two fields on either side of a white line(fig.1.1). The robot will trace the white line. A XBee module will be mounted on the robot and another one connected to the PC. Through wireless communication between XBee transmitter and receiver the bot can complete the task required. The range of XBee module is 10-100m. So a major part of the field can be covered.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : wanted to do something innovative with The Firebird V . also this project connects 2 entirely different fields.
1) Reduces human labour.
2) Saves a lot of time and also allows the farmer to multitask
• Hardware requirements:

1) Firebird V Atmega 2560 Robot.
2) XBee module.
3) Servo motor.
4) Smooth disc.
5) Plastic Funnel.
6) USB Programmer .

• Software requirements:

1) AVR Atmel Studio 6.0.
2) AVR Bootloader.

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Institute/College Name: Pune Institute of Computer Technology,Pune
City: pune
State: maharashtra
Participating Team From: Third Year
@Arun pavan vamsi Gilakamsetti • 30 Jan, 2020

good project sir.i want do the same kind of project.i would like to know the information about this project.

please suggest me the online content or material about this project.

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