Pratik Sarvankar
Pratik Sarvankar
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26 Mar 2016

Arduino Controlled Lawn Mower

Project Abstract / Summary : Arduino Controlled Lawn Mower
We have seen electric and I.C.Engine operated lawn mowers but in India there is hardly anyone who have an idea about autonomous vehicles specially farmers from rural areas. And those who have an idea about it, knows how expensive they are! So, we students of theem college started working on project called arduino controlled lawn mower-a mower which works autonomously, highly programmed and equipped with all those specifications better than a regular electric/IC engine lawn mowers.
In our project we have used Arduino UNO microcontroller from programming which has 14 i/p o/p pins and compatible with various modules and motor drives. We have done various kind of research required in this project such as optimal path for our project, methods for cost minimization etc. We have used various sensors in this mower so that it can be fully automatic. Few of which are encoders , IR sensor etc.
We have worked on prototype in process of making this project and finally done with a main model.
This image is best to illustrate working of our model.
Thank you.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : For our final year project we were hunting for various project topics from our third year. Our group is very much interested in robotics and participated and even won various robotics events such as robowar, roborace and robosoccer. And on doing such things gave us an idea to make something about home automation. We have shortlisted various things about what to automate and than we thought make autonomous lawn mower. So that if it gets successful it will surely help people to clean their lawn in law cost specially village people or farmers.
Future scope for this topic is by using idea of lawn mower we can make various other things automated. Such as floor cleaners, Washers, window shutters. We can always improve the programming for this mower as per usefullness.With mechanical attachments we can add grass collectors. With larger Capacity Dc motors one can make arrangement for one person to lift along with mower

Project Highlights : There are various reasons for that! Automations in India is still not very greatly promoted. Automations gives us fast processing of work in lesser human efforts. We have tried to do so from our project which will make our farmers to well conditioning of their farms. Now one may asked in the country like India where farmers making suicide due to their unwillingness to feed their family, how can they buy autonomous vehicle. For this very simple reason we have done lot of cost optimization. This mower is very handy for those who have bigger lawn size.With one time settings and small changes in program it can be easily used for lawn having different sizes.
In other way we have done lot of research to make this idea successful. From effective path to hieght adjusments techniques and various other things to complete this project in successful way. Especially after getting lot of programming troubles as none of from our group belongs to software engineering. It required shear hardwork and patience from all of our team members and working unitedly. We think for these reasons and having positive things in mind we should win this contest.

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Institute/College Name: Theem College Of Engineering
City: Boisar (East), Palghar
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year

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