• [FONT="]Regards to everyone,[/FONT][FONT="]I am an entrepreneur and my business is globally expanded. There are many competitors of mine. I feel its not a safe option for me to conduct a web conference without a secure and reliable web conferencing appliances as there is a chance of the communication being disturbed by uninvited sources. Thus I am looking for secure web conferencing appliances to keep my data and presentations safe and secure. If you people know any sources that help me to get a good solution…please suggest me.[/FONT]

    [FONT="]Thanks in advance!!![/FONT]
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  • sathish1978

    MemberMay 5, 2008

    In today’s business environment connectivity and instant communication is key to the success of business. RHUB products are specially designed to meet this need.
    Be it web conferencing or remote access RHUB products are the solution.
    The setup of RHUB products is a breeze. User friendliness and ease of use make it a versatile component of your office requirement. Gone are the days of telephone communication, where the costs involved in communication were prohibitive and the only medium of interaction was the voice of the persons talking. We can now use RHUB’s Turbo Meeting to deliver seminars or to remotely control PC and Mac systems.
    RHUB understands your specific business needs and so it has not bundled all the systems together. The products are split up as 4-in-1 Collaboration Appliance, Web conferencing appliance, Remote support appliance and Remote access appliance. Compared to monthly service fees RHUB’s TurboMeeting comes with 3-5 month payback. There is no need for any kind of download. So why waste time, come join the revolution. With RHUB’s products the sky is the limit. <link removed> is their website.
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