Anna University Students designed window cleaning robot

Ever thought that how difficult it is for cleaning the glass of sky touching skycrappers with glass windows. Life of window cleaners just hangs on a rope.

A group of Anna University students had tried to make it safer.

H Ramkumar along with his friends from production technology department has created a semi manned robot that can climb and clean the glass of a building. The 2.1 kg robot they created is remote controlled with four buttons to control the robot's movement. there are suction cups that take turns to climb glass walls. The light and rectangular vehicle has two wheels in the middle and four suction cups at the corners. While two cups help in climbing, the other two help the machine hold onto the wall.

Window Cleaning Robo

Though its not the first of its kind, however innovation in this, is a sensor in the built-in camera. This would show obstacles in the path or in any particular area to be cleared on a monitored video.

These innovations would definately motivate students from other engineering colleges. Whats your take on this robo?



  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    an inspiring news feed.I will accept the automation process where there is a great danger for human beings such as mining,drainage cleaning,building skyscrappers,etc.

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