Anna University - Question Paper for VI sem -OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN

sixth semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(common to information technology)
(regulation 2008)

time: three hours maximum: 100 marks

Answer ALL question

PART A(10*2=20 marks)

1. what is object oriented analysis and design?
2. define inception step.
3. what is domain model?
4. define aggregation and composition.
5. what is the use of system sequence diagram?
6. list the relationships used in class diagram?
7. what is use of operation contracts?
8. define coupling
9. what is the use of operation contracts?
10. give the meaning of Event, State, transition.

PART B(5*16=80 marks)

11. (a) briefly explain the different phases of unified process.
(b) explain with an example, how use case modeling is used to describe functional requirements. Identify the actors, scenario and use cases for the example.

12.(a) describe the strategies used to identify conceptual classes. Describe the steps to create a domain model used for representing conceptual classes.


(b) explain about activity diagram with an example.

13. (a) illustrate with an example, the relationship between sequence diagram and use cases.
(b) explain with an example interaction diagram.

14. (a) explain about GRASP patters.
(b) write short notes on adapter sigleton, factory and observer patterns.

15. (a) explain about implementation model(mapping design to code).
(b) Discuss about UML deployment and component diagrams. Draw the diagram for a banking application


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