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    Ankit Fadia is MTV India Youth Icon 2008


    So, MTV Youth Icon 2008 results are out!

    Ankit Fadia, the ethical hacker, is MTV India's Youth Icon 2008!

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
    A child genius, he's a cyber security Guru at the age when most people have graduated.

    Ankit Fadia started hacking at the age of 12 when he was gifted a new computer by his parents. He soon became an expert with it and started his own site giving tutorials. This was an instant success and got as many as 40,000 registered members. His first hack was at the age of 13 on the Chip India magazine website. For 2 days anyone who went on the website saw his photo. On the 3rd day he sent Chip and e-mail telling them their problems and how to fix them for fear of being thrown in jail by them. Instead the magazine offered him a job.

    The success of his website and his expertise in hacking encouraged him to write a book on hacking. The tutorials were compiled into a book, when he was 14. Little did he know that this book would become a worldwide bestseller having sold millions of copies. His books were soon translated into several languages and outsourced to the U.S. He then realized that his passion for hacking can be turned into a profitable business. Although Ankit now moved to the other side of law; i.e. from unethical hacking to ethical hacking.

    He was contacted by private agencies in US and assisted one of them in decoding an Al Qaeda mail after the /11 attacks. Fadia was successful in that assignment.
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