Andaman or Lakshadeep?

Can anybody tell which place is better?
consulted few tour agency, they are providing package that include kerala, lakshadeep and kanyakumari.
Which one to go for?
1)andaman only
3)this package tour
I will be going with my family for 1 week.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    If you've only one week - I'd recommend picking up only one place instead of a package that covers Kerala, Lakshadweep & Kanyakumari. It'd be too hectic and the beauty of Kerala needs at least a week. I toured Kerala with family last year and can tell you that you will need 1 week to explore the God's country.

    For Andaman, 1 week should be sufficient. I'd recommend checking on for things to do in Andaman. I've no clue about Lakshadweep so can't comment.
  • Neda Hashmi
    Neda Hashmi
    thank you kaustubh. i am looking forward for this trip.😀

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