An Idiot's Guide to Waste the Opportunity with Final Year Project Opportunity

Students of technical and science discipline alike are needed to do their final year project. It brings about so much concern and enthusiasm! In this article I just want to highlight some of the best things you can do to mess up the opportunity.

1. Do not Know what you want to do: Never ever open and read about the current happenings and technology. Never think about what you want to do! Reading and asking people about what could be done is absolutely No. And more importantly Never think about your project Seriously.

2. Search for "Free Student Project and Source Code": If by some turn of events you ever feel like openeing google, first thing you type on that magic box is free source code. Do visit the site and download "Hotel Management Final Year Project". Always look for readymade synopsis also and select only those projects whose report, synopsis and source code is present is some website. You may not know how to build the project or execute it. So better select a project whose execution steps are also written clearly or there is a video of the steps. That may require you to make a PPT. PPT? Me? Never. So do look for readymade PPT also.

3. Search for New Ideas and IEEE Recent Topics:
You are better than the others and have decided that readymade projects may just not be the answers. But you are still clueless. So you search for IEEE recent topics. select a topic and decide whether you want to do it in java or not. Dont believe me if I tell you that a paper which is submitted by a researcher can no way be implemented by you. Never believe. Just select an IEEE topic and get the abstract from the internet. Always feel proud that you have selected a very good project.

4.Write a Wikipedia content in your abstract and Submit:
Always copy paste wiki pedia contents in the synopsis. Never mention following things in the synopsis.
a) Present System b) Proposed System c) Identification of Need d) System Design e) System Requirement f) Feasibility Analysis g) Expected Input and Output h) Future Enhancement I) Stage of the Projects

You should only write one page copied content and a block diagram copied from somewhere with software requirement like C#.Net, Windows Vista, SQL Server 2008. Never ever analyze the Average RAM that might be required by the project or processor resource reservation.

5. Never Read the Full Paper and Download the References: Only look at ait, than methodology. i.e. block diagram. and try to see the result. Be happy if you satisfy only one line from the entire paper.

6. If you are in India, go to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Purchase: Visit an Institute where they can offer the project. Agree to pay 20,000/- for the project. Tell your parents that the cost is 30,000/-. Have a goof shopping for one month. On the 30th day visit the institute to pick up the project. Just see the demo for 30 minutes and take the code by paying the remaining amount. Never Install the code in your Laptop/System before leaving. Be extremely happy with the way you got the project. Do curse or Laugh at your friends who are struggling to code a single module of their own. If you are a Mtech Student, never research on the internet about the guide who will be handling your project. Dont be bother of the person do not have a single paper against his name.Never! And yes dont foget to write down the execution steps.

7. Dont Test The project: Never ever be bothered to atleast test it with various cases. Follow the written instruction and be happy that the given "stuff" is getting executed. If they do not get executed, call those people from where you bought the code, only to realize that they are not lifting the phone any more. Do blame your luck and find some other person who can give the same for fewer bucks.

8. Never work on UML Diagrams: Do not ever be bothered to look at your system design and class diagram. Never try to change the code and see what are the effects on project. Do not think to change the coding.

9. Never believe that Project is an Important for your career, always give preference to Campus Placement: You study to get a job. So why wasting time in project? Dedicate that time for placement cell training. Aptitude, puzzles. Who gets a Job out of project? Never listen to those people who tells you that unless you have developed coding skills through your project, you will be straight away put into "Testing". Getting that offer letter should be more on your priority than what profile you get post recruitment.

10. Most importantly Never bother to look at your project once final Viva is over:
Never look to host your project in some website or never work on that concept ever. After the course completion, kill time in facebook rather than trying to work around with your project.

These are the best way you can do injustice to to your career and future. Yahooooooo. We have learnt the most Solid techniques for wasting our career and we have learnt it for Free. Enjoy and be happy.

PS: Note that, It is not that I dont make mistakes or dont follow the above rules, it is just a fun to know the trend. I will be too happy if people deter from the above steps.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    @Rupam: Thank you so much for this thread.
    Whatever you have jotted down is true to the core.
    Adding some lines to point 4 -> Copy paste content as it is from Wikipedia on the presentation slides. Don't even modify it to remove the [edit] signs.
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Thanks @AKD for your Notice. Yes, there are several other things that can be included. I thought of giving a message in a hard and humorous way! Hope readers have fun reading this.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    It is very difficult work to change the mind of the Indian Engineering Students but you have started that. 😀 :up:
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Thanks @Godfather. I am no philosopher, and do not mean to change anything. Cant really complaint about a system that I am part of. I have just posted my observations which might act as a pinch for atleast few students willing to follow these steps.
  • aj_onduty
    @Rupam, you cant complain, but you can always strive to change your own system. If your house gets dirty, you clean it, or even if someone else does, you have to pay that guy!
    So, lets do it! 😉
    And hey, nice observations! Cool post!
  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    Thanks @aj_onduty. I have tried it for last 8 years and guess what? I have failed. you can not compete with facebook culture. everything is expected to be short and still "awesome" by the students. Pay, get or download. I feel odd man out in my world.

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