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An enhanced version of the Redesigned stirling engine

Question asked by Don Ross in #Coffee Room on Jan 20, 2015
Don Ross
Don Ross · Jan 20, 2015
Rank C3 - EXPERT
An enhanced version of the Redesigned stirling engine.
Can any one think of what direction that would be?
Can anyone think why?

Ok, I will tell you

The stirling engine, while ingenious, lacks that extra kick. I believe by applying
the physical properties that refrigerant possesses
to the cycle we can get better performance over all. By injecting liquid refrigerant
into the compressed hot side of the cylinder,
a rapid expansion will occur when the liquid refrigerant flashes and expands.
Like an internal combustion engine.

Then as the cycle continues, the saturated vapor is moved to the
low pressure side and is condensed in a off leg receiver/condenser that is chilled by a
flooded evaporator
driven by a separate refrigeration system.

This is an exciting new application and I am very surprised there isn't a version
of it out there now.

Please comment so I know it's being digested.
So the new application would consist of two separate sealed systems.

It needs to be taken off the drawing board and tried in a real world machine
of a some sort. Even a crude toy type.Who wants to be the first to make and
run this toy?
I will supply the schematic
and explain the thermostatic expansion enhancement.

Any takers? It would be a good summer project for all you graduated engineers
that have no pressing responsibilities like I have running a design build
company and others with jobs and families.

And you get recognition of building the worlds first enhanced stirling engine.
Pretty good line item on your resume. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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