Amplifying current

i have a doubt..what is the perfect current for the voltage range of 230 V and can we amplify that current????????????


  • lal
    That depends on the source. The source may be designed to supply the required current at 230V. For instance, using thicker conductors can increase the current capacity of the source. That alone isn't the thing to consider though, with a higher current, the mechanical forces acting on the conductors and the frame will all be higher.

    We can say that there is no such thing called a limit for current flow.

    According to Ohm's law,
    I = V/R

    What will happen if the terminals of a 230V supply is short circuited with a thick wire? Considering the resistance of the wire to be close to zero, infinite current will flow through it which eventually heats the conductors resulting in the breakdown of the source if no protective measures like a fuse/circuit breaker are used.

    To the question 'can we amplify the current?'. In a way, yes. You will have to use a step down transformer. But then, the voltage won't be 230V, but lower.
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Current amplification is reality now due to advanced power transistors and other electronic gadgets.

    We call them buffer amplifiers or Current amplifiers.

    Higher the voltage range, The protective devices used in the circuit will be more complex. Other than that there is no problem in amplifying current

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