America's aggression against syria.....why?

With the latest updates that America is planning to launch cruise missiles against Syria and Obama's haste to get the Senate's agreement on it as soon as possible, is it really for the concern to the neighboring countries of Syria?? Or is it again a game for the Oil!!
Syria is continuously being blamed for having the cemical weapons, as it keeps on testing such weapons, sources say. But why not America take this issue to the UNO? Maybe because what Syria is doing is under Geneva's convention, and so its legal. America is blamed to have an eye over the oil resouces since a long time.
what are your views guys over this issue??


  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    It was always about resources. Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan & now Syria.
    I don't understand why US interferes in everything ? They want to control everything. They want their rules/protocols to be followed in every part of the world as if their opinion matters.
  • Pensu
    Well, just one word, oil! You wont follow their rules, they will attack, and it's not the first time, they have done in many times in past. The perks of being a superpower! And chemicals weapons? Please, just like there were WMD in Iraq!
  • lovejeet
    so what is the use of UNO if America is able to judge the things on his own!! pretty Theatening thing.... Its like there's only one superpower now and what America wants, America gets. It's like they have tasted the blood and now attacking small countries now and there...
  • KenJackson
    It's not for oil. President Obama hates oil and hates the freedom that oil gives us.

    It's a bit of a conundrum. It's extremely bad and unacceptable if the Syrian government is really using chemical weapons against the opposition. Chemical weapons are called weapons of mass destruction (WMD) because they can kill a lot of people quickly and indiscriminately. If it's possible to do something like a missile strike to persuade them to not do it again, then that might be a good thing to do. But I guess we're not even sure to what extent they were used or who used them. And if the information is wrong, we could end up doing more harm than good.

    Isn't it ironic that one of the people who loudly and vociferously denounced President Bush for taking action against WMD in Iraq now finds himself preparing to take action against WMD in Syria? One wonders is President Obama is just trying to look tough in an attempt to gain some of the respect that President Bush enjoys.
  • lal
    What about this, why did NSA spy Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff?

    One conclusion they arrived at was "for the resources in Brazil."

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