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CHIRANJIBI_93 • Jul 16, 2012

Am on the track...

hello friends, am chiranjibi. persuing my in electrical and elecrronics engg. and am a 1st yr guy now(dt.16/07/12). As i am very much new in this field, i have a lot of dreams and energy to do innovative work, in the field of engineering. i exactly dont know what write here, so, am writting all the things that happend to me in my life till now and how i am one the way to get my dreams. as this is for the first time i am writting here so plz dont mind if any gramatical or spelling mistake you find. Thnx.

I was in std 1 ,when i first think of engineer. it is was my habit from that time to go for any conclusion after analyzing or testing it. i still remember at the age of 7 i allmost burt my hand. and also on an another incident i opened all the chesis and parts of a remote controlled bus which my mama brought for me. i was then in LKG.
when i entered to high school, all these dreamz become ruined because, in our school not such components of labotary for us. So, it was nonsence to think of creating a manual robot, or go for a chemical testing. friendz, it was a state board school and the things ,which we are taking today as granted(like. labotary,despensary,library etc.) are dreams for us. I was there for 4yrs. and after completing my metriculation i joined a +2 science college with 87% marks in the HSC Examination. it was the time when i have the power to shape my carrier in the way i think. because, with this marks , i could get many good colleges in the state. but i can't, i was failed to take the right decision. It was a time when i was over confident. bunking classes, also labs and so. in the 1st yr exam i got only 39%!!!
less then half of my metriculation result.......
i become quite scencere in 2nd yr and i was on a good track, but my Dad passed away then... It was a loss which no one should face, i hope.. So, my study hampered then as i have to do all the things for my family, and i am the only son. we and my mama left, mama was a state goverment employee , so it was not that much hard but loss is loss..
i got 57% in +2 and only 46% in PCM(physics chemistry mathematics) . i was a time when there was a case filed at the honourable High Court for at least 50% in pcm, so i was tense, it was a time of very much depresing. which i cant sxplain now. but the claim was rejected and court ordered to go with 45% for this year. so i fell lucky.. really lucky...
i joined for EEE at National Institute Of Science And Technology, Berhampur,odisha. i was very happy to be in an engineering college. Our institute was promised to create engineers , who can face upcoming global challenges. i was very excited to be a part of such a family.
But i found that most of the student of here are not so optimistic, they are attending classed as granted not so paricipative in class, not also innovative, they are here for only a 3lacs per anum IT job. they can dream at most to get in INfosys, not more then that. but , i was not for that, especially i am not intrested in IT sector jobs. So, i was in a confusion, may my dream get ruined.
but i met some people there, that make me realize that still some actual Engineers left. our 1st semister is over and i had done quite well, unfortunatelly, result is not published till now, and am on a way to 2nd semister examination.
Joining, CRAZENGINEERS is very much important for me, because, i think it is the platform which can make me to connect with many technical people across the globe, and also our technical knowledge will enhanced. Also, i can get my dreams.
the lines which made me work at hard moments,

"And Miles to go before i sleep,
And Miles to go before i sleep."
CHIRANJIBI_93 • Jul 16, 2012
if there is any mistake plese post me..
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 16, 2012
Welcome to CE, buddy 😀 It's great to have you with us. We're sure you'll enjoy here and benefit from this global community of engineers.
gohm • Jul 16, 2012
Welcome to CE, what a great intro! The poll might be a bit more appropriate in another form section.
Welcome to CE.
We CEans have gone global. Cover all time zones. In any case, evn in one time zone there seems to be always some CEan pegging away. You will not be alone in the miles you go.
As Ciranjeebi you have an infinite lifetime. So you can interact a lot and contribute a lot.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 16, 2012
CHIRANJIBI_93 That's one of the best introductions I have read so far. Welcome to CE, friend. I hope to see you become an active member of the community. All the best. And keep visiting often.
Anoop Mathew
Anoop Mathew • Jul 16, 2012
Welcome Aboard! Glad to read a wonderful introduction from an aspiring mind. Stay focused and push on with the same!
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Jul 16, 2012
Welcome to CE.
Get Intro DUDE.
Welcome to CE! 😎

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