• Airtel has hinted over twitter that in about 3 weeks, Bangalore Internet fanatics will be able to use voice services over their existing 4G network. It's expected that Airtel 4G LTE network will debut in Bangalore in the new year. The tweet read: Only for #airtel #Bangalore mobile customers, enjoy [HASHTAG]#airtel4G[/HASHTAG] on [HASHTAG]#LTE[/HASHTAG] enabled smartphones in 3 weeks. More details to follow soon! Nothing to be excited about the news unless you've a 4G LTE enabled phone. But if you've all the equipment, you should be able to experience better overall call quality.


    Bharti Airtel was India's first telecom service provider to offer 4G networks starting with the city of joy - Kolkata. The 4G network was then introduced to Bangalore, Pune and other cities. Currently the network only offers high speed data through its network.

    It looks like Airtel is taking faster steps to make sure that they have a fair share of the 4G markets in all the cities it's offering services currently. The biggest threat is from Reliance Jio - the only company that has pan-India license to operate 4G services.

    We'll keep you posted!
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorDec 5, 2013

    I am quite amazed that the metro cities of New Delhi or Mumbai still haven't got a taste of Bharti Airtel's 4G LTE services till now!
    Another question is that why will users switch to 4G? With the recent news about reduction in data rates for 2G and 3G services by most of the Indian telecom operators - there is no reason why users will immediately switch to 4G plans.
    What do you think people?
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  • lovejeet

    MemberDec 5, 2013

    It has been over a month for me to use this Airtel 4G device in bangalore. This is really very fast and cost is almost to that of a 3G, i mean like 12 GB plan for 1299 and 25 GB plan in 2499. Download speeds comes around 2 mbps, which is more than enough. Its a nice initiative by Airtel.
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