Agricultural Entrepreneurship

The world's first entrepreneurs were farmers. This is because Agriculture was the first trade which mankind learned.

Well this hardly matters now. Can we discuss Entrepreneurial opportunity in Agriculture itself? 😀

I am not talking about starting an agricultural based industry or being a vendor.

Just imagine that if you were farmers, what sort of things can you do? What are the ideas which you can muster?

Can we talk/ think of technology which will produce crops off season to reap a huge profit? Or what else? Can we discuss it? Is it feasible? What are the Government incentives for that? How much capital investment is required?


  • rajathrao
    Why not try growing leguminous plans 😀
    What is CMS? What is direct selling of crops? I believe that most of the farmers do sell their products through brokers.

    Reliance has started its vegetable stores all across the country. One of them is near my house. It is called 6-10 (Six Ten).

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