Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar
Branch Unspecified
10 Mar 2017

[Advice] Printer for school

I am looking for a printer for school purpose to print exam papers and notices.
  • Mainly print exam papers and notice board.
  • Lesser printer, As I know they have long life.
  • Scanner - BIG NO (Because mobile phone is better scanner now)
  • Easy setup, plug print, and that's all.
No of prints: Around 700-1000 per quarter.
Good to have add-ons:
  • Color print on A4
  • Can accept low quality paper than regular A4. As exam paper not required to be crisp A4.
Budget: 8K max but lower is better.
10 Mar 2017
For the volume, you'll need InkTank system over regular one. My suggestion would be the EPSON L220 printer with InkTank. The price is Rs. 9600/- I've seen it in action and the print quality was impressive. I'm not sure if you can get a decent Laser Printer for the budget you've mentioned.

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