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Adam's Apple, Eve's Samsung?

Question asked by Ambarish Ganesh in #Gadgets on Dec 16, 2011
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh · Dec 16, 2011
Marketing - Graphics to Graphs
At the same time that Apple and Samsung fight out in the courts regarding the make of the iPad being similar to the Galaxy Tab, and with both seeking to dominate the smartphone market, it catches us off guard to know that one rival is banking on the other for a crucial processor in its tablet. the A5 processor, employed in the iPhone 4s and the iPad2 is currently being manufactured in a factory possessed by electronic heavyweight Samsung in Austin, Texas.


Comprising a few major components to be obtained inside the US, the A5 processor is made by Samsung in a recently built $3.6bn non-memory chip production line that arrived at full yield toward early December. Almost all the yield of the non-memory chip production from the factory is committed to developing Apple chips. Apple refrained from commenting, stating that it does not point out supplier relationships. Even Samsung did not pass any comment on the detailed description of the chips made in its Austin plant but did say that they were into developing logic chips. The A5 chip falls under this category.

The  A5 processor employs technology licenced from Britain's ARM Holdings and is developed by Apple in California under a specialized team that was once part of the PA Semi(one American chip design company Apple took over in April 2008). The A5 chip appeared first in Apple's iPad 2 and currently also is a part of the iPhone 4S. Where speed is concerned, this A5 chip is two times faster than its forerunner, the A4. Assembling of these Apple gadgets takes place in Foxconn factories in China and Taiwan. Posted in: #Gadgets

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