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@Banashree Patra • 04 Sep, 2011 • 1 like
A causes B or C, but not both
F occurs only if B occurs
D occurs if B or C occurs
E occurs only if C occurs
J occurs only if E or F occurs
D causes G, H or both
H occurs if E occurs
G occurs if F occurs

If A occurs which of the following must occurs?
I. F and G
II. E and H

(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) III only
(d) I,II, & III
(e) I & II (or) II & III but not both

Show me d way how to solve this........................😕😕
@Sagar07 • 04 Sep, 2011 III only....
@Banashree Patra • 04 Sep, 2011 But the answer given is option (e).Though i am not sure..
@Sagar07 • 05 Sep, 2011 this is impossible.... in that case, ther might be the mistake in option (e)... it should be I & III or II & III, but not both.....
@Banashree Patra • 05 Sep, 2011 Can u plz show me the steps to this i.e the prev question and also d other parts m sndng.. Other parts of this question..ans r also given....

12. If B occurs which must occur
(a) D
(b) D and G
(c) G and H
(d) F and G
(e) J
Ans. (a)

13. If J occurs which must have occurred
(a) E
(b) either B or C
(c) both E & F
(d) B
(e) both B & C
Ans. (b)

14. Which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned
I. D

(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) I & II
(d) II & III
(e) I,II & III
Ans. (c)

15. E occurs which one cannot occurs
(a) A
(b) F
(c) D
(d) C

Ans: (b)
@Sagar07 • 06 Sep, 2011 see, if A occurs, B or C occurs and if B or C occurs then, D occurs, so option III is right.... Also when A occurs, D must occur... Suppose if A causes B, then B causes F and D causes G, so option I.... Next if A causes C, then C causes E and D causes H, option II.... As A can cause only B or C so, option I or option II only, but not both...
@Sagar07 • 06 Sep, 2011 Similarly, if B occurs, D, F and G must occur... M not satisfied wid d options given for que 12.....
J occurs only if E or F occurs.....E occurs if C occurs and F occurs if B occurs.. so, option b..
Cause is not mentioned for A.. so, A may occur as a result of cause not mentioned but as A must cause D from prev xplanation, so ans is both A and D..
E occurs when C occurs... that means B cannot occur, as F occurs only if B occur, so ans is F...............
@TinaT • 06 Sep, 2011 Draw a flow chart and all will become clear.
@mukeshbhoria • 16 Nov, 2012 I m not understand. tou pelp really confusinggg...
@anushka.pampi • 16 Feb, 2014 good nd clear explanation.....!!!!!!!
@kunchem thulasi • 21 Oct, 2014 plz give me detail explanation ....
@Pradip Banik • 13 Sep, 2018

Help me in this part.what is the topic name

@Pradip Banik • 13 Sep, 2018

A occurs means what


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