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    9 – 5

    Getting from bed at 7’o clock, being ready by 8’ o clock, getting no time for breakfast, catching the bus while managing dupattas or ties; yes, yes! We are talking about our 9 – 5 schedule only.

    9 – 5 : a period of 8 hours is an arcane interval. Sometimes it works wonders; sometimes it’s agonizing and sometimes it’s just too much. Our whole life is wrapped up within this period of 8 hours. This period is responsible for our very existence – a minute late and your attendance is marked half day.

    Let’s analyze the various phases of this interval. I refer the very first phase as MIRACULOUS. Swap in your card at 9’ o clock, get seated on your desk, switch on your computer, check your mail, give a call to your client, work for hours. Wait! Don’t overwork. Go, have your lunch, come again and then continue the same swap out again at 5’ o clock and then go home to rest peacefully. On the other hand, when you are on bench, then the scenario is even more simpler. No need of all such tantrums. Swap in your card at 9’ o clock, freak out with your partner, go to McDonalds or watch movie instead or else you can go home and sleep for hours. Wait! Don’t over enjoy. Come again at 5’o clock to swap out because you got to work for 8 hours dear! Now, since you have worked for 8 hours by hook or by crook, you will be awarded for it. And what’s a better award than money. So, 500 buck for 8 hours, accounting to 15000 Rs. Per month. Now, got it why it is referred as MIRACULOUS.

    Let’s talk about the second phase. I refer this phase as DREADFUL. Here, you come early because you have work load. Your eyes are sleep-laden; you didn’t have your normal startup. Moreover, you had a quarrel with your spouse. So, under all these conditions you have to perform and you are definitely in a pickle when you have to meet the deadlines as well. While on bench, you obviously don’t have the work load. But you are too tired of freaking out with the same partner; your expenses are at stake of going to McDonalds and movie again and again; and you fear to sleep any more because you have overslept. To cut the long story short, you are bored of your daily schedule and want work; after all that is what is you have come for. So, the interval is no more miraculous now, it’s DREADFUL.

    The last phase of this interval, I refer to it as ENOUGH. You don’t have work load, your boss is very impressed with you, your spouse has started loving your even further, your kids are doing good. But now, now you feel ‘It’s! Enough ‘. While on bench, you feel enough because the senior authorities have tested your patience like anything and you are now up to have a fight with them. You feel enough because you want a change. Your life has reached stagnancy and you want to come out of that stagnancy.

    Strange, isn’t it, so many variations that too in a period of time? That’s why I say that this 9-5 period is a bit arcane interval. Rest hours of your day is dependent your this interval. This period can sometimes add fun to your rest of the day or sometimes can spoil it. So what’s going to happen, you never know.

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