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elektrolikit • Jul 15, 2009

8X8 DotMatrix snake game...

Here is one of my old projects.
A simple snake game with 2 buttons, 14 levels and just 64 leds...

Its very funny to play with it.
Look at carefully to the head.Its a bit brighter...
I think this is a nice trick πŸ˜€

this is the link of video:
YouTube - 8x8 dotmatrix snake game
durga ch
durga ch • Jul 16, 2009
hey thats very interesting and nicely done game 😁
silverscorpion • Jul 16, 2009

Good one! Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
ramkiranxxx • Jul 18, 2009
nice one........ da ............
shahrul • Jul 19, 2009
That's great. I never done like that and you are only use PIC16F84A. Good job.

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