• hello friends, i got this idea from a movie that when there is any place where no one entered and we wants to know how's the design or structure of that place. then what we do?
    As per the idea in my project i want to make it in two parts one part is the choppers of very small size or drone or any thing other which is capable to emit the ultrasonic wave same as the bat do to make there path.The only difference is that bat emits sound in forword direction only but this device will emit the sound wave in all directions and the waves will reflect and again received by it and the whole information is transmitted to the 2nd part which is 3d printer which catches that information and make some calculations and make the 3d stucture of the place where our chopper or drone flying by this we are able to make the sturucture of any unknowing place without getting risk of human life by the machine.
    SO guys first tell about the idea and corrections for this idea if any. and how to make it or how to start it i want help from u guys . One more thing is that is this project or similar to is available in market or not if availabe then pls disclose the info of that one. Thanks in advance and reply fast.
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