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tiberiu_m1 • Jul 22, 2008

12V Black box

Greetings to everyone!

I am a new member of this forum and I would like to take this opportunity to say Hello to everyone who read my message.

I am building a device that will produce Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water. It is called Hydrolyzer. In order to be able to run some tests on this device I would need some electronics ideas and/or help. Therefore I need to build an electronic "black box" that will be powered by 12V DC (a car battery). This has to be able to increase the Voltage, Amperage and in addition to convert DC to AC and increase frequency. Another great thing would be Pulsations at different rate. All I want is to test and to find the optimal run for the Hydrogen Cell, not to drain the car battery, and not to heat up the water in the cell very much.
If any of you can help me with some advices and ideas that would be much appreciated, my experience in electronics is not that deep, I only know some of the cars electrical wirings.

Cheers, Tibby.
just2rock • Jul 22, 2008

Let me brief you out a little bit. DC-AC conversion is possible but will req. efficient converter/rectifiers/transformers to do the job.For cooling up water constantly blower /cooling agent should be added but it wont react chemically otherwise.
tiberiu_m1 • Jul 23, 2008
Hi just2rock,
Thanks for your message. I was told to mix the water with lye so it becomes a better electrolyte. This is not my concern now. The "12V black box" is my pain... i cant build it myself, nor i know what equipment to look after , thats why i need your help guys to tel me what to buy/build and how.

Thanks. Tibby

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