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More energy!

<p>More energy!</p>

By - Shivanshu • 13 hours ago • 2k views

Mr. Naoya Kaneko - Kawasaki Moto GP

You need to have a lot of patience, be very hard working, be determined and focused on what you want to achieve.

Mr. Naoya Kaneko
Kawasaki Moto GP

My heart is confused :P

<p>My heart is confused :P</p>

By - Sreedevi • 1 day ago • 5k views

Amitava Ganguly - Couch Potato Media

Networking with the right people at the right time is very important for a good clientele. And when you deliver decent work from your end, the goodwill leads to one client from another.

Amitava Ganguly
Couch Potato Media
Shampa Ganguly - PParke

Realise your potential and go for it. Hard work, dedication always pays off ONE DAY.

Shampa Ganguly

Yeah we do time travel too

<p>Yeah we do time travel too</p>

By - Sreedevi • 3 days ago • 6.6k views

Srikrishnan Ganesan - Konotor

I believe an entrepreneur is often always an entrepreneur and brings the same attitude and ownership even while they work for others.

Srikrishnan Ganesan

@Kaustubh Katdare · Nov 26, 2023 | 2.5k views

CrazyEngineers has turned 18 today! When we started back in 2005, we'd no have thought a hobby project would turn into a worldwide community of engineers.

Today is also a significant day in the history of CE as we embark upon a new journey. CE's taking community building to a new level and I am sure we'll have several new CEans joining our team!

Any fancy programmers out there?

<p>Any fancy programmers out there?</p>

By - Shivanshu • 4 days ago • 3.9k views

Vidya Vellala - Evayadesk

"I am the full stack developer, full stack marketer, I am the product man, I am the interface, the goto person for everyone."

Vidya Vellala

How many do you have?

<p>How many do you have?</p>

By - Shivanshu • 5 days ago • 4k views

Anuradha N S - TravelHighway

If you even remotely have a chance to take a risk to proceed towards your dreams, do it.

Anuradha N S

Computer Engineer things!!!

<p>Computer Engineer things!!!</p>

By - Sreedevi • 6 days ago • 4.6k views

Avishek Tiwari​ - Prozene

One-on-one sales, word of mouth marketing and digital marketing are the primary levers we’ve used to grow. This has helped us keep variable costs low.

Avishek Tiwari​

Oh really? Think again! 😅

<p>Oh really? Think again! 😅</p>

By - Shivanshu • 1 week ago • 5.6k views