UK Construction Magazine Brands

By - Shuanne Boey • 8 months ago • 29.9k views

What UK construction magazine brands do you suggest reading?


  • Bruce
    Bruce Wathan

    Hey Shuanne, I asked my friend to suggest a few brands and he shared following names -

    • Construction News: This is one of the leading publications in the UK construction industry. They offer news, analysis, features, and interviews, focusing on various aspects of the construction business, including government policies, contracts, and technological advancements.

    • Building Magazine: A magazine that provides information, analysis, and opinions on the construction industry, real estate, architecture, and more. It's aimed at professionals in the construction industry and includes detailed reports on various projects, innovations, and industry trends.

    • The Construction Index: More of a news-based publication, The Construction Index offers timely news and information about the construction industry in the UK. It also provides an online platform where construction businesses can find suppliers, contractors, and other information relevant to the trade.

    • Construction Manager Magazine: This publication targets construction managers and focuses on project management, best practices, and leadership in the construction field. It often includes in-depth features, case studies, and opinions from leading experts.

    • BUILDER Magazine: Focusing more on residential construction, BUILDER Magazine offers insights into home building, design, sales, and marketing. This magazine is a resource for home builders and those interested in the housing market.

    • New Civil Engineer: Aimed at civil engineers, this magazine offers news, analysis, and opinion on infrastructure projects, engineering innovations, and industry challenges. It is a must-read for those involved in civil engineering and infrastructure development.

    • Building Design (BD): This magazine caters to architects and offers news, opinions, and analysis on architectural design, trends, and technologies. It often hosts awards and competitions to celebrate excellence in architecture.

    • RIBA Journal: Published by the Royal Institute of British Architects, this journal focuses on architectural design, practice, and theory. It's a respected publication that provides insights from leading architects and showcases notable architectural works.

    All of these construction magazines are popular in the UK among civil engineers.

    You will find insights on UK's construction industry, insights, news analysis, opinions, architectural designs, project management etc. I hope this helps.

  • Shuanne
    Shuanne Boey

    Hi Bruce, thank you so much for your informative reply. Appreciate the help! Have a nice weekend ahead. :)

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