Orient Cloud 3 Fan with CloudChill Technology : Better than AC/Cooler?

By - Kaustubh Katdare • 1 year ago • 18.4k views

Just stumbled upon the Cloud 3 fan advertisement by Orient Electric. The fan is being positioned as a replacement to AC and Desert Coolers with a promised cooling of about 12 degree celsius.

The fan also promises to bring the room temperature down by 20 degrees celsius if you can add ice to the water chamber.

Now that's a big claim to make.

What is CloudChill technology?

The CloudChill technology turns water into tiny droplets of about 1 micron size. The fan then sprays these droplets and makes the air humid; thereby bringing down the room temperature.

The claim of 12°C are advertised; but not yet tested. My concern is about the humidity levels this fan will increase in order to create cooling.

I reckon this would be even more problematic in the humid regions / coastal regions.

The Cloud 3 fan is priced at Rs. 15K, and available on Amazon (currently out of stock).

Let me know if this fan and technology makes sense. Looking forward to responses.


  • Ramani
    Ramani Aswath

    There is no technical difference between this and the desert cooler. Both work on the same principle water removes 0.56 kcal of heat for every gram evaporated. The amount of water that can be evaporated in any place depends on the relative humidity in that location. If it is a closed room then fairly quickly the humidity will rise to 100 and no further cooling will take place. As mentioned in the post, humidity will go up, which may not be a good thing for health for some people. Beyond a point water mist will start accumulating in a closed room leading to rusting of iron surfaces, growth of mildew on books and clothes. I for one will pass this.

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh Katdare

    @Ramani Sir - is there any evidence that increased humidity is not good for humans? I noticed a few posts on Twitter talking about it. Here in Nagpur, we use Desert Coolers every summer and at best, they drop the temperature by about 4-5 degree C (never checked though).

  • Ramani
    Ramani Aswath

    Most experts agree that air for breathing should be between RH 40 to 70%. Higher humidities can lead to problems , especially for asthmatics. Even for normal people the body temperature is regulated by evaporation of sweat, which decreases at high humidities. Desert coolers raise the humidity to unacceptable levels in closed spaces. Maybe acceptable in rooms with active circulation in and out.

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