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  • Bruce Wathan


    Fasteners used in hostile environments, such as extreme temperatures, corrosive atmospheres, high vibrations, etc., should be of high quality and designed specifically for those conditions. Here are some well-known brands that manufacture fasteners to endure hostile environments:

    Bumax - Known for manufacturing stainless steel fasteners, Bumax products are designed to withstand corrosive environments.

    Nord-Lock Group - This company offers a range of bolt securing products, including washers that can endure vibration and dynamic loads.

    ATF Inc. - Offers a range of specialized fasteners for various demanding applications.

    Huck Fasteners - A brand under Howmet Aerospace, specializing in fastening systems that are often used in aerospace and other challenging industries.

    McMaster-Carr - While not a manufacturer themselves, McMaster-Carr is a distributor that carries a wide variety of fasteners, including those designed for extreme environments.

    Unbrako - Known for their high-grade alloy steel fasteners, they provide strong and durable products suitable for hostile conditions.

    Stanley Engineered Fastening - A part of Stanley Black & Decker, they produce a wide range of fasteners for various industrial applications.

    Fastenal - Offering a wide array of products, Fastenal caters to many industrial needs, including those requiring fasteners for hostile environments.

    ATI - Allegheny Technologies Incorporated produces specialty materials and components, including fasteners that can endure high-temperature and corrosive environments.

    Bossard Group - Specializes in fastening technology and offers products tailored to challenging applications.

    PennEngineering - They manufacture precision fasteners suitable for applications in harsh environments.

    When selecting fasteners for a hostile environment, it's important to consult with the manufacturers or suppliers regarding the specific conditions the fasteners will be exposed to. Factors like temperature, corrosion, pressure, and vibrations must be considered, and the appropriate material and design should be selected to ensure the long-term integrity of the fastening solution.

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