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@Sachin Jain • 05 Dec, 2010 • 1 like
Hey folks,
We know http run over tcp.
And 2nd fact that online video streaming use udp.

I am little bit confused that youtube contains videos.
And when we watch video they come to us as http.

More precisely,
I wanna know how does youtube manage the server ?
Which protocol it uses?😛
@Leo • 06 Dec, 2010 • 2 likes Hi Blunberboy of course youtube page uses http. The real thing does not happens via http page but the flash object that is embedded in that page. The flash object which appear on youtube is video flash player. The video flash player acts as iframe(technically incorrect term) for contents that would be called for streaming via flash object. For storing media contents a media sever have been installed by youtube whose contents get called when you press play button.

For streaming media to flash player Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP) is used. The play button on flash player acts as RTSP invoker for media being called and media is streamed via UDP packets. In fact you don't need to migrate anywhere from page because the embedded object calls for video not the http page but as the object is embedded on http page once you close it, object also get closed.

Convey if that information is useful or not.
@HirenBarbhaya • 06 Dec, 2010 Very Nice Explanation!!!
@Sachin Jain • 07 Dec, 2010 Hey thanx Leo..
Very nice explanation...I will study RTSP and will get clarified more.
Your explanation helps.
I have just one more doubt....
Since those videos use UDP.
So now suppose i have clicked on play button to play a video.
Since it is using UDP transmission, server does not bother whether i am getting video file or not
Hence i just close my browser. Still then packets will come to me or not ?

May be i am over questioning...But thats the only way to learn...
@Leo • 07 Dec, 2010 The answer is no, reason as i told earlier the play button on flash object invokes RTSP for media being called and media is delivered via UDP packets. As you close connection flash object closes, and as flash object closes RSTP connection drops and since no media invoking entity is there media server will automatically stop sending as soon as RSTP dies.

May be i am over questioning...But thats the only way to learn...
Never say something like that, questioning doesn't make you look fool, people who ask questions are more smarter than people who don't question or answers questions, don't ever feel awkward to ask questions no matter what others think. Let them go in hell because the person who knows to ask one day becomes master of his own game. So feel free to ask, if i can't answer there'll be someone who will answer,
@Sahithi Pallavi • 08 Dec, 2010 Verily said Leo!
@Sachin Jain • 09 Dec, 2010 Thanks Leo....
Your words are of great help...
I have got the point now...

Thanks a lot...😀
@Gyanendro • 28 May, 2014 • 1 like Thanks @Leo ... Your valuable ideas and thought are inspiring.. "Questioning doesn't make you look fool, people who ask questions are more smarter than people who don't question or answers questions"
@Ankita Katdare • 29 May, 2014 ^ Could not agree more. Welcome to CE @Gyanendro and we hope @Leo comes back soon.
@John Espresso • 09 May, 2015 You are the best, Leo. I have a job interview about TCP, UDP and RTSP next week... I hope not to get to nervous....
@Mohana Chandra • 03 Mar, 2020

Youtube uses Real time Server Protocol.It is the real time network application protocol that transfers multimedia from server to the end-users or endpoints, by using data streaming servers.

The components or objects that invokes http request from enduser to the server are play,pause,teardown,Redirect,Setup etc.

@Abhishek Rawal • 04 Mar, 2020

Based on RTSP RFC 2326 :


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