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YouTube Brings Mobile Live Streaming & Super Chat To Creators Having More Than 10K Subscribers

Google is late (very late) to the mobile live streaming party. While Facebook and Twitter have made mobile live streaming tools available to the public since the last two years, Google was slow to roll out this feature to its users. The mobile live streaming functionality will be currently available for YouTube users having more than 10,000 subscribers. Rest of us will have to wait for an undefined period of time to get access to this feature. The YouTube mobile live streaming works in the same way as it does on Facebook. The feature has been built into the app and all you have to do is hit the stream button to begin live streaming with your audience. You may have to spend a second or two creating the thumbnail on the app itself before beginning your live stream. The live streamed videos remain on your channel as regular YouTube videos that can be searched, arranged into playlists and protected from prying eyes.

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YouTube says that their live streaming capabilities are superior as they are based on their infrastructure and feedback from select YouTube creators who had gotten access to this feature earlier last year. Next in line is the new Super Chat feature on mobile live streaming. This feature lets you earn some cash while you are live streaming your content. Any viewer can pay a certain amount of money to purchase a chat message to gain the attention of the YouTube user. The chat message is highlighted in bright colour and remains pinned on top of chat window for up to five hours. The mobile live streaming feature shall roll out to YouTube creators having more than 10,000 subscribers within the next few days.

Source: YouTube

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