• Chaitanya Kukde

    Chaitanya Kukde

    MemberFeb 22, 2014

    Your Take on Chromebooks

    I guess Google is really trying to be "the" conglomerate that could provide you with all the technology you need.. Anyway, what do you guys think about chromebooks? If you have never heard about one before, here is the link #-Link-Snipped-#
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  • Abhishek Rawal

    MemberFeb 22, 2014

    The day Haswell/Broadwell/Skylake based Chromebook hits Indian market, I am buying it. It's best laptop for users like me who never really care about Windows or Mac OS X. With Crouton, I can unlock Chromebook, and dual-boot ChromeOS with anyother linux based distro. Perfect deal for me.

    Google (I mean chromebooks manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, Lenovo) need to ship with some powerful core processors like Haswell, since i am not fond of ARM when it comes to productive work.
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