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@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Mar, 2011

The exam time is coming and there is a large number of students who're planning for summer internships or training and some are planning to get certifications. Share your plan with us! 😀
@ISHAN TOPRE • 01 Mar, 2011 I am planning to go to Alfa laval in Pune for one month internship.But unable to get into contact of someone.If you can suggest any other factory/industry it will be very good.
What say everyone?😀
@maria flor • 01 Mar, 2011 If can't work in Kalibo water district or NIA(National Irrigation Administration), I'll just answer all the problems on review of Algebra and Plane and Spherical trigonometry...
@sarah_joy • 02 Mar, 2011
maria flor
If can't work in Kalibo water district or NIA(National Irrigation Administration)
Hey flor, i didn't know you have plans of working in Kalibo water district this summer..

As for me, I will be enrolling for summer class so that I will have no more minor subjects for the first and second semester of fourth year.😀
@shubhankar • 12 Mar, 2011 will be doing a SCADA course from nagpur. will also do a training a koradi thermal power station. and planning to go for training of low voltage switch gears which is done in lucknow or kunnoor.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 12 Mar, 2011 i might be enrolling for a one or two week internship with the port trust in Chennai 😀
@just_Ritu • 13 Mar, 2011 I already did training at Koradi power plant last summer.
So I am still undecided as to what I will do.
@vignesh sp • 18 Mar, 2011 can you explain the procedure for doing internships in Koradi power plant
@er.aniket • 19 Mar, 2011 koradi thermal power station offers 4week training.
u need to get a permission letter frm ur college n submit it wid a draft of rs2000 to office of ktps
batches wll b starting frm may i guess..

@Takshina Murthy • 30 May, 2011 Hi, i am applying for internship in SAINT GOBAIN GLASS INDIA, If i didn't get here i will try for Chennai port trust.
@Takshina Murthy • 30 May, 2011 what is the difference between in plant training and internship.
@jhbalaji • 18 Jun, 2011 I am looking for Internship and Mini Projects i around Coimbatore/ Chennai/
If some one have any ideas please get with me!
I am holding Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Doing my present bachelors on mechanical engineering at PSG Tech
@furqanking • 19 Jun, 2011 Sir i am moh furkan from aligarh . I want to civil engg summer training ple provided me best option for training
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 20 Jun, 2011
Takshina Murthy
what is the difference between in plant training and internship.
For InPlant Training, you will be trained and you will be paying them for the training.

In case of Internship, you will be paid and you will do some good work for the cause of the company.

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