You think Indian Constitution needs to be updated?

I had been thinking of this for a long time now. Does anyone here share my view of making some necessary changes in the constitution of our country to make India a better and safer place to inhabit?


  • aashima
    Re: You think Constitution needs to be updated?

    To start with, one change that I feel should be there is to introduce a two-party system. I know its a huge change which will take long time and great efforts but I hope this will reduce the competition in politics and hence, will reduce corruption and our politicians will focus on the country rather than just being concerned for their positions.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Well, I say 'aye'! Reserving this space for a detailed post! 😁
  • sauravgoswami
    Well it will be one of points,I think the goverment should only control Defence,Welfare and Finances of the country rest everything should be de-politicised,secondly,private participation in the administration should be encouraged and third,Goverment should act tough on its employess and poeple completely dependent on govt so that they dont take their job for granted!!!!!
  • silverscorpion
    In this respect, there's a lot to learn from America. I'd say my suggestions are:

    1. As already mentioned, a two party system is must.
    2. All people must be involved in the election of higher authorities too. It must not be
    like we select the leaders for our areas alone and they select the CM or the PM.
    3. There must be a limit for maximum number of times a person can contest in the
    election and the maximum times he can hold an authority.
    4. I think an important reason for the downfall in the US economy is the extreme
    amount of financial deregulation carried out by the republicans. So, I feel, everything
    must be regulated and controlled by the government, instead of more privatization.

    I know that these are extremely difficult to bring about. These are just my wishes, which I believe would help our country for the better..
  • sauravgoswami
    Well india used to practise that there were days when govt used to sell breads too,whne india adopted open economy we started to boom,however,we should take positives from US and other countries as well including Pakistan viz. Ouster of Musharaf.
  • Differential
    There is a clause in constitution which allows to make a change in itself. And from time to time changes are made by goverment.
  • sauravgoswami
    yeah,Supreme court once thretend to do that I think time is right SC should implement it and teach a lesson to those in power who takes things for granted

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