• Selection Procedure was
    * Written test.
    * Technical interview 1
    * Technical interview 2
    * Programming
    * HR interview
    Written Test::
    Regular Expression
    Unix commands
    Data structures(trees,graphs)

    The main things you want to be sure to get into yahoo are:
    Unix commands - they ask basic commands in unix..
    After that they give importance to C , C++
    If u know perl then its an added sure with hashing too..

    some algo questions:
    * strcat()
    * how to count the no of bits set in an no..Give a soln in O(1).
    * how to delete the node in the linked list give the pointer to that node?
    * given two integers a, b how to divde a/b without using /,% operator... (repeted subtraction is not the solution).

    Programming Round :
    Implement the dictionary data-stucture with features
    * autocorrect
    * autocomplete
    * spellcheck
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