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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids Smartwatch Launched In China For 299 Yuan

While a proper smartwatch from Xiaomi arrives in the second half of 2016, the company has launched a smartwatch for kids. Just like its other products the Xiaomi Mi Bunny is priced attractively at 299 Yuan or 3067 Rupees. The Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is currently exclusive to China and Xiaomi apparently has no plans to bring the gadget to foreign shores. The Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch has been made for kids so it lacks any features that you might find on a regular smartwatch. The watch face especially looks bland as it is just a round dial with LED dot matrix display underneath that lights up to represent the message which the parent can send from the companion app. Do not think that it can transmit actual messages; it just transmits emoticons and symbols.

Mi Bunny

Just like most smartwatches for kids, the Xiaomi Mi Bunny comes with a built-in GSM module that lets the child talk to his/her parents. The Xiaomi Mi Bunny also has GPS and GLONASS built-in that transmit the location of the wearer to his/her parents’ smartphone app in real time. The Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch app also lets you demarcate safe areas such as home or school. If your child leaves these designated areas without permission then the app sends you a notification about the same. If the child is in distress then he/she can use the SOS function of the Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch to send an emergency alert along with the voice recording of the surrounding to the assigned contacts.

The Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is powered by a 300mAh battery that is claimed to last for six days on standby. The watch straps have been made out of non-toxic silicone. The data from the smartwatch is encrypted at three levels, on the device, cloud and transmission. The Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch is waterproof as well.

Source: Mi Forum via Engadget

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