Xceed- The All India Robotics, Quiz and Programming Challenge of Kurukshetra 2012

Are you a geek??? Are you the one who thinks robots are the future and is the panacea for all our problems??? Is code crunching your cup of tea????? Think you have it in you to brace our motley of challenging problem statements and tough competitors????? And do you thing February is too long a wait?????

Xceed is back! And it’s at your doorstep!

The most awaited series of this curtain raiser event of kurukshetra 2012 will take off at Bangalore this December and will mark its flag posts soon at Hyderabad, Delhi and Tanjore. So, here’s a chance for bots to gear up for challenge, the business minds to display their geek quotient, the programmers to get ready for the battle of their brains and for all tech savvy and the fun loving to feel the culmination of excitement.

And what’s more! Apart from winning a prize money of 20000 INR the winners will get the opportunity to compete with some of the most talented minds of the nation at the Grand Finale held at Kurukshetra 2012!

The Events to be held:

1) Robotix - K!ck , AutoBot - Manual and autonomous robotix challenge
2) BIZ Quiz
3) X-Code - An onsite programming competition sponsored by Global Scholar

Time: Dec 3rd 9 a.m.

Venue: RVCE, Bangalore

Or contact

Xceed your Dreams! Xceed your Boundaries! We’re waiting to meet the Geek in you!
I’m a Geek! How about you?


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